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An Open Letter

What you do not know is that I have gotten hateful emails because I write a blog that expresses how my biblical studies apply to my life.  I would get them weekly, but I kept writing.  When I wrote my first blog, I wrote solely for my growth.  I shared those writings with specific people and encouraged them to share them if they were led.  (I still encourage sharing my blog entries.)  At that time, I did not know much about blogging.  Actually, I am still learning.  Still, I was moved to write in this arena and I adhered to that supernatural instruction.

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My original blog was not via this vehicle.  Initially, I wrote as a way to discover balance, find peace, and shore up my foundational beliefs.  Then, every blog entry was biblically referenced.  I was not attending a church regularly, but I had not forgotten from where my answers come.  Where I was at that time, I knew the importance of me being still and hearing from God.  I had learned how He speaks to me.  He was speaking.  My attention was undivided.  I was listening.

After few months of blogging, it became apparent to me that people could relate to my experiences.  It took a longer time for me to upgrade my blog experience because, well frankly I was intimidated by “Blog Land”.  Eventually, I did and that is when it started.  Although I would receive hateful messages, they were balanced by the encouragement I received.  From Day 1, I received support.  Some people only show public support when your “name” becomes trendy/safe.  (I have grown to appreciate both public and private support.)  Some will direct hateful energy towards you in public ways, however, before (and after) you become “trendy”.  Note To Self:  People who are whispering are watching.  It is all spiritual.  I understand that too.  Funny what prepares us right?!

This blog is mostly a mixture of faith-based and gender-related expressions.  It is not for everyone.  It is not meant to be.  Everyone who reads and relates to this is not Christian.   Everyone who reads and relates to this is not a woman.  These are not prerequisites.  I am writing about a human experience.  Can you relate to that?

In my real life, I love and appreciate diverse friendships and experiences because I understand the value of the operation of having healthy parts for the Whole.  Diversity assists in bringing out the best in me.  Listen, I am trying to be the best me that I can be.  That, for me, means deepening my personal relationship with God and going forth in that which I believe is my purpose.  I am growing.  This is a progression.  I understand that.

I believe that there is a community of people who are committed to being their best self as well.  Many times in pursuing our greatness, we experience things that we do not talk about—things like receiving hateful emails and dealing with people talking negatively about us.  Many times, these things stunts a person’s growth.  Do not let it halt yours.

I am glad I continued blogging.  Not only have I received blessings, but I have been able to be a blessing.  I am working  on more to come.  It is exciting.

I hope that if you are being called, nudged, movedinclined to do something that encourages your growth, that you DO IT.  Do not let fear stop you.  Likewise, do not let hateful messages—in any form—hinder you.  WANT IT MORE!  It is on your mind for a reason.  Appreciate encouragement if you receive it, but your progress should never rely on it.   People will not always understand your ways nor your actions.  It is ok.  Your faith walk does not require them to do so.

When I first sat down and blogged, I had no idea it would lead to what I now have in mind.  I believe doors of opportunity will be opened and a good work will be done.  Have you ever started something by faith and its vision grew into something far bigger than you could have ever imagined?  Share your story, if not with me then with someone.  The world needs to hear/see more positive stories.

Be Well,

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