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What Say You?

Does the rule change when you know of, but have not been raised by both of your living, biological parents?

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Imagine a situation where you call your best friend to chit chat about the highlights of your workday and your excitement is met by the sounds of sobs.

“What is wrong,” you ask.  Instantly you become protective.  Where you are from, friends are family and best friends are siblings—-splitting images.

“I just want to know him,” your friend says.


“My father.”

You are speechless.  Should you offer suggestions?  Is it best to remain silent?  You want to say something, but hesitate.

Truth is, there are a lot of people walking around carrying the pain of not having a healthy relationship with their absentee parent.  The question is, whose responsibility is it to make the, most times repeated, effort to establish such relationship (when possible)?  Is it enough for the parent to make one or two seemingly failed attempts with the now adult child or is it the child’s duty to seek out the parent?  Maybe wanting a healthy relationship is just that, an out of reach hope.  For some, this is true.  I will acknowledge that, but what about the rest?

Everyone is not faced with this dilemma, but for the numerous individuals who are……what say you?

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