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Mother’s Day Reflections

Mother’s Day is approaching, so naturally I find myself pondering the lives of my mother, my grandmothers, and so forth.  Interestingly, as I age, I find myself often thinking about the times in which the women of which I come from lived (and live).  As I continue to grow as a woman, my appreciation for their lives noticeably deepens.  No longer do my thoughts start and stop with gift purchases and activities when I prepare for Mother’s Day.  More so now than ever,  I have an awareness that the celebration of Mother’s Day is a celebration everyday.  I have my mom to thank for this.  I see how she shows her love for her mother daily.  Interestingly, because of her example I take note when I see other women and men do this for their mothers.  Their sweet gestures oftentimes are just between mother and child—unless the mother publicizes it, a child’s sincerity rarely does.

Mom and Daughter

As I observe the placement of women (our expected roles, the abuses many suffer, the stories others tell about us, the messages we tell ourselves), not only in this country but around the world, I search for indicators of better days for the girls of tomorrow.  I listen to the stories my mother tells, the stories my grandmothers tell.  I listen and I wish I heard them earlier.  Their successes make me smile.  Their struggles bring me sadness.  These women are wise and knowledgeable.  They are strong, stronger than I ever thought.  The lessons they share aid me in life, even our disagreements are not easily dismissed.  A younger me would insist to be heard.  Now, I am finding increasingly more value by listening.  Through their voices, I find abounding treasure.  In them, I find sources for obtaining honest, vast, intergenerational viewpoints from women.  Unfortunately, these expressions are regularly devalued in mainstream society.

As I think about my love for my mother,  I cannot help but to acknowledge my mother’s love for me.  I have seen her sacrifice for me.  Still, I know there are numerous sacrifices that she has made for me of which I will never know.  Without hesitation, she tells me to be me.  She supports my growth.  She believes in me.  She loves me.  I love her.

Mother’s Day…..a day when many will exchange gifts and restaurants will be full….a day when graves will be visited and memories will flood minds….Mother’s Day….appreciating her….everyday.

A Girl’s Voice?

Do you think we (as a society) coax girls to find their voices? Last night, I was watching a documentary on Richard Pryor. It told the story of when Pryor found his voice. Supposedly, he was in the middle of a comedy routine when he had this epiphany. It resulted in him walking off the stage. It was thought that his career, by abandoning his set, was done. Years later, he emerged as the comedian most now know—powerful, purposeful, and a change agent.

By the time girls graduate from high school, most have seriously thought about being a mother. When would be a good time? How many children to have, if any at all? How does having children fit into pursuing professional goals? These are questions many of us seriously consider, along with our ticking biological clock.

Some girls have high school sweethearts, making the dream of marriage (forever) more believable. No one is thinking about the divorce rate, which has lingered around 50% for some time now. Nope. Teenage love….well, some marriages last, right?

Since the early days of toting baby dolls and “playing house”, girls have been encouraged to be a parent, a caretaker, a wife, a nurturer, and if necessary a financial provider. Through music, movies, magazines, and media, girls (and women) are encouraged to be sex objects at all times. When, however, is she urged to find her voice if it lies outside of these predetermined boxes? When is she pushed to discover her unique self, her purpose, and her power? ….And for those of us who are…oh how odd we must seem.

Girl Holding Up Award

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