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Money, Money, and More Money?

Do you work for your money or does your money work for you?

So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas.  ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’  —Luke19:13                                                                                                                      (*NOTE: A mina was about three months’ wages.)

Money is a tool, an interesting tool indeed.  People will sell their souls for it.  They will allow themselves to be mistreated for it.  People will mistreat others for it.

Possessing money could mean the difference between you eating at the table and you serving those who eat at the table, all the while your stomach growls.  Isn’t it ironic how people will despise a rich man, while simultaneously push you out of the way to shake his hand?  If I could only touch the hand that touches the money, then I can go back to serving the body that has the hand that touches the money.  Serving the body that has the hand that touches the money.  Serving the body that has the hand that touches the money. YES! Serving the Body that has the hand that touches the money.

money and woman

If I could only touch the hand, the garment, the heart—that touches, handles, has an effect on—the money, then I can go back to serving the Body, of which I am an extension, that has the Hand that touches, handles, has an effect on–the money.  Ah, through the process I would maintain focus on the Body and realize that money is not the controlling factor.  It is a tool, to be used to work.  It is to be multiplied, to create an overflow.  Service through the overflow…..now that’s what I’m talking about!

Multiple Streams of Income

Very early in my professional career I learned the importance of having multiple streams of income.  It provides an avenue for more options.  That is significant, especially in this day and age when so many are unhappy and/or unsatisfied in their jobs.  Are you one of those people?

Fortunately for me, I like my job and the flexibility it provides.  I do, however, have a deep desire to pursue a vision I believe God has placed in my heart.  In doing so, I understand that I need more resources.  No doubt they will be provided, as long as I continue and allow my faith to be BIGGER than my fear.  Oftentimes, I am now finding myself routinely astonished by the various ways God allows me to meet positive and encouraging people, many of whom are searching for someone like me to invest in.  Through many of them, I am reminded how having multiple streams of income provides certain freedoms.  Money, money, money, money……makes money.  But this is the thing, at least for me and a number of the people I am meeting, the more you have means the more you can, and are willing to, give.

money and woman

Have you ever wanted to help someone or give to a cause, but could not because you did not have anything to give?  (It could have been money, energy, time, etc..)  Because you did not have it, you had no option.  Your desire to help was met with your reality of deficit. Do you believe God wants you operating in surplus?  If God wanted to increase your net worth, would you let Him?  Would you step out on faith and try something new?  Would you allow the team He sends to help you?  Would you bring others along too?

It is time for me, and maybe you, to add income streams.  Can there ever be too many?  People often stay on jobs they hate because it pays their bills.  Likewise, some (most often women) stay in marriages for the same reason.  If such people had financial options, most would let it goooooo……let it goooooo.  Then you have those like me, people consciously pursuing goals which require resources, resources that increased income bring.  God wants me to be blessed in every way. THAT, I BELIEVE.  Do you?

Business Woman Model

Recently I saw something that was really awesome.  It happened within a split second.  If I had blinked, there is no doubt I would have missed it.  Glad I did not miss it.  I would have missed her.

Recently, I saw a “business woman model”.  This model is unique.  Her findings are rare.  After all, how often is she portrayed in film?  When do we hear about her in music?  Who is reading about her in books?  Although present, she is oftentimes invisible.  In a traditional sense, I guess her omission would make sense.  Society’s message has been that men make the bacon (i.e. money) and women fry it up in a pan.  With that being the standard, who would expect a woman to have and operate her business to make a significant profit?  She would seem out of place out of the kitchen, right?

Blog Woman Business

Over the course of my lifetime, I have seen numerous women in leadership positions.  I have seen them lead families, lead projects, lead departments, etc..  I have also known women who own their own businesses, but recently I saw something I had failed to identify before.  Was it there and I had somehow missed it?  I can only wonder.  What I saw was an outgoing, professional woman with a very kind heart and a generous spirit.  I saw a woman who understands the obstacles of running a business in general and as a woman specifically, and who is not afraid to speak on them.  I saw a woman who, within her own confidence, recognized and appreciated the potential she saw in another woman and without hesitation offered to be an asset.  Housed within the words she spoke lived work-life balance.  This woman encompassed all of that, but within a split second—the second I could have missed had I blinked— I saw her business wisdom illustrated by her knowledge of the importance and purpose of money.  OK. OK.  It was slightly more than one second, but her subtle delivery could have been easily missed.

The timely presentation of this model was great to see.  I am looking forward to learning from it.  I am looking forward to sharing.  It can only make us better.

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