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SPEAK Your Successes

I read something so troubling yesterday that it pained my soul.  Why?  Well, it was a description of a community by a writer who does not know that community, to an audience (who I would like to think is) genuinely curious.  The article I read was one of two things, truth or blatantly offensive.  Either way, the commentary is sad, but it sells.

Unsettled, I actively pulled up the perimeter of the community of focus.  I did so to compare, in fact, the picture painted  in the article with the one in my head.  Maybe I was being too optimistic in thought?  It is possible.

Actual people and families living within this targeted area flooded my thoughts.  I began to identify (by name) residents within these boundaries who, contrarily to the writer’s depiction:

  • live with their spouses,
  • parents who take care of their children,
  • are educated and believe in the value of education,
  • work and work hard,
  • are faith-filled and faithful,
  • are respectful and respected,
  • actively strive for success,
  • are not criminals,
  • are not receiving any form of “free” governmental assistance,
  • and so and so forth.

I began to list residents who, if you are in distress, they will take a moment to listen, and to help.  I began to note people of and from that community who have done and are doing positive and amazing things.  The list is long and growing, and silenced.  The sadness of my soul grew heavier.

You know, people have their own agendas when telling your story.  Far too many times, far too many people consent to other people’s versions about their lives because they do not know (for themselves) their assets, their value, their history, their truth.  Once you understand that your very presence is a miracle, that alone should give you life.  Once you accept that your life is one of purpose, that your value is too great to be measured, that your destiny is greatness, you will understand that your responsibility to be great is owed not only to yourself, but to those who sacrificed before you and to those who will follow.  You will recognize that the inspiration and focus which lives within you is intentional, disallowing you to accept another person’s truth about your circumstance.  You will know you for yourself.  It is for them to accept, or not.  Either way, you are not deterred.

A few years ago, I learned that there is a language of success.  SPEAK it!  Insecurities may tempt you to hide the good of your life.  People will be jealous.  Oh well.  People will talk about you for being true.  Shrug.  People will attempt to be stumbling blocks.  Rise above them.  These people should not be walking close to you anyway.  Be thankful that you can recognize them.  Do not be bitter.  Be better!

Speak your successes!  People will be happy for you!  Some you will see.  Some you will not.  Be encouraged.  People will help you!  People will watch you.  People want to see positive manifestations in both people and in situations.  Be honest.  You want to see it too!

Speak your successes!  SHINE and SHINE BRIGHTLY!  Do not apologize for being your best self.  You will draw onto you new associations, new experiences, new opportunities which will challenge you to be all you can be.  You will challenge theirs.

Speak your successes so that when others share their versions of you for their gain, the audience will have a rebuttal.  One rebuttal may be considered an exception.  One rebuttal will make a truth not absolute.  Just think…..a non-absolute truth presented in an absolute way…well…..that is a lie.

Be Well,

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Mirror, Mirror

Arrogance versus Confidence. A fine line? Really?


For almost a month I have been carrying around a quote which says, “It takes an enormous amount of strength, security and confidence to be humble”. It reminds me of how loud arrogance sounds. Have you ever met someone who wants you to know that they know so-and-so, that they have done such-and-such, that they have acquired this-and-that and the whole time you are thinking, “So (how does this relate to what we are talking about)?” Their true focus is obvious. You might as well be a mirror on the wall asking, “Who is the fairest of them all?”

But I will leave within you
the meek and humble,
who trust in the name of the Lord.
—Zephaniah 3:12

The value of pride diminishes when there is no audience. Guess what? There is no audience for it amongst God’s people or in His kingdom. We avoid the traps of vain mirror reflections by maintaining our focus on the Lord. Through Him, we are strong and secure. By trusting Him, we can endure injury without burdening our spirit with the weight of resentment. We know that our Protector protects us no matter how it may feel or look. Our association is noticeable even when our resumes are not and we are confidently present. Either we believe this or we do not. I believe. Do you?

During Our Wait

Injustices occur all around. Evil seems to consume the souls of so many. At times it can be tempting to do unto others as they have done unto us.

Sure, it is easy to be filled with the Holy Spirit in our homes when we are surrounded by love and positive affirmations. It is easy to love others when we choose who they are. The tests come when we hear news story after news story of societal ills, and of its patients. The tests come when we see those in leadership using their positions to make things worse, under the guise of making them better. The tests come when we are driving down the street and someone cuts us off, then flicks us off. Many of us cry out to the Lord for help. The test comes during our wait.
Woman Praying

The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
he makes my feet like the feet of deer,
he enables me to go on the heights.
—Habakkuk 3:19

When I lived in Georgia, I would see deer from time to time. I would see them run, on sometimes rough terrain, with such grace and confidence. What a sight! It is totally different than the few times I have attempted to walk barefoot on rocks, hopping around trying to avoid the discomfort only to land on another rock while inching to smooth ground. Nope. The surface does not matter to deer. They move with grace and assurance no matter the landscape.

In good times and bad, in times of comfort and in those of discomfort, when we recognize God’s presence and in times of wait, we must not waver in our belief that the Lord IS our strength. We must KNOW that through His strength, we are able to go on—gracefully—to higher heights.

Be encouraged my Sisters and Brothers in Christ! Go on.

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