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Testimony Thursday: I’m Alive!

Today I can honestly and knowingly admit that I am so very thankful to be alive!  Sure, I could have said this before with great sincerity while giving an exhausted list of situations and circumstances that upon reflection would illustrate that without a shadow of a doubt God’s grace granted me life, but today, in this moment,  I can declare this sentiment having had the awareness while in the midst of great danger.  There is a difference, you know, in being grateful upon reflection and in being grateful in the midst.

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Freeze Frame!  Have you ever had one of those moments when everything around you seems to stop, not slow down but literally STOP?  Come on!  I cannot be the only one who has had one of these Twilight Zone kind-of moments.  Actually, I think we have them more often than we realize, but what if we began to realize them more often?  Would we live with more empathy and compassion, with more kindness and gratitude?


Set It Up!  For a few weeks I had a nagging, eerie feeling while driving.  As a result, I limited my travels.  You would have thought I would have prayed about it, right?  I did not.  I simply limited my travels as if that would help.  Well, it did not.  Time and time again I would get behind the wheel, and time and time again I would become edgy.


BRAKE!  The car behind me swerved.  Thank God no one was in the left lane!  Roll call!  Everyone is safe.  Whew, accident avoided.  That eerie feeling quieted, but did not leave.  I did not tell anyone, but I needed to go somewhere and park.  That was close.  Upon reflection, I was thankful that God kept me (and everyone else) safe.  Amen!

Then, it happened.  This time, however, there was no blaring announcement from my energy field sending “lookout” warnings.  I guess that had already taken place.  No, it was a typical day with lots of laughs filling the car.  Then suddenly, sunrays obstructed my vision while I was turning left.  Then and there everything, and I mean everything inclusive of sound, except me STOPPED!  God protected me/us.  In the midst of silence, I knew right then and there that God saved my life and right then and there I felt a deep sense of appreciation and love from that which is bigger than I.


While exiting the intersection, sound resumed.  I heard a horn and saw what looked to be a semi-truck on the other side of a transparent wall.  Now, you know as I do that that wall was invisible to the physical eye.  Spiritually, however, that wall was God’s protective shield.  It was in response to my frequent prayer for protection.  It is present.  It is real.

As I processed what just happened, one of my passengers spoke.  No fault to me.  Immediately, I silently prayed a prayer of thanks for protection, remembering the eerie feeling that was so ever silent on that day.  Relief released.  I relaxed, with no more driving worries.

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It is interesting what serves a motivation.  Since that day, I have gotten a little more focused; a little more intentional about my purpose, development, and God’s promises.  It is easy to find comfort zones to operate within and stay there.  When you have had a freeze frame moment, however, you really understand that God sees you, that He protects you, and that there are no excuses to not be the person He has made you to be.  I am thankful!  I am alive!  I am free!  Are you?

It Is Expected

There is something amazingly powerful about standing on grounds where your ancestors are respected.  Recently, I took a trip to Georgia.  I absolutely love being around my Georgian family.  Around them, you know you are with family.  There is much laughter and endless love.  Conversation is honest.  You know you are being watched, but observations are to make sure you are ok…and if you are not, guidance, advice, and encouragement will be rendered.  There is no doubt that you are connected and in that linkage you are safe, safe to be great.

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I am the great-granddaughter to individuals who helped build an area for the betterment of the community as a whole.  They were a part of the first graduating classes, founders, builders, landowners, etc. all the while working to enhance a community along side of others with the same vision, the same goals.  When I think of the period in time and what they were able to accomplish, I gain strength in knowing that I am a part of them and they are a part of me.

My ancestors are faith-rooted people, so it is no surprise that I am.  They were courageous, as am I.  They were visionaries and hard workers.  Although I was born after their deaths, I am able to still know them because they left legacies that my current family members openly acknowledge and applaud.  They left an expectation for those of us following to build upon and expand.  They left their stories and life examples that: the road will not always be easy, the sacrifice will at times be great but to whom much is given, much is expected…and much is expected.

Standing amongst the trees and on roads that saw my ancestors, that heard their voices, and witnessed their work,  I felt their connection, their powerful presence.  I am reminded that if they could accomplish the visions given to them in the time periods of which they were born, I too can accomplish those given to me in this day and age.  After all, it is expected!


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