Christian and Socially-Conscious…One Woman's Expression


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Keisha is a daughter, sister, and friend with a sincere passion for writing and speaking about both faith and social issues, particularly those affecting women and children.  Gone are the days of keeping pearls God shows her to herself.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida and Florida State University College of Law, Keisha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, as well as, a Juris Doctor degree.  By combining her academic background and skillset with her love for Christ and study of His Word, Keisha loves nothing more than to serve others in Christ through the teaching of God’s Word via a variety of methods.  She encourages others to grow practically by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Keisha has facilitated hundreds of workshops to diverse audiences in religious and secular settings.  Workshop topics have ranged from Respecting One Another to Bullying, from Discrimination to Gender-Related Issues, from Faith to Culture.  Examples can be found at www.emergingfree.com/spoken-word.  God has blessed Keisha with a creative ability to develop powerful, yet fun, workshops when given a topic. Keisha has also self-published www.emergingfree.com/works.

Keisha has been an attorney for 16 years.  She writes a column, Visionary Brief, for the Weekly Challenger.  Examples can be found at Newspaper Publications.  Keisha is a public servant and has served on numerous local and Statewide Boards, Committees, and/or Commissions.  She loves to watch movies, travel, and have thought-provoking conversations.

Keisha is available for speaking engagements.  Fill out the Contact Form!  She is currently looking for a literary agent for her second book.

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