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P8--jcp 7.8.16Hi CyberSpace and especially those in TwitterLand!  I’m being creative (right now) and playing around with my website.  It’s kind-of fun actually…learning about website development.  Anyway, I just made this connection, so really this is a “Test Message”.  …Yes, I could have waited until I completed developing this site to say Hello, but why wait???  I want to share this creation with you, so…if you haven’t done so already check out my website www.emergingfree.com and tell a friend…better yet, “follow” and stay connected.  …and for those of you reading this not via your Twitter accounts, join me on mine at @EmergingFree.  Be Blessed and Peace Always,

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2 thoughts on “Testing..1…2

  1. patricia terrell on said:

    Your article in the
    challenger, June 1, 2017 left me spelled bound since I was in the process of gathering information about my husbands maternal grandparents that had endured this very demeaning relationships by having to share his wife until the white man was finished with her.. Where two of their children were biracial..
    When asking The oldest living daughter, “Who is the white child in the picture hanging in the garage”? ”
    she is my oldest sister, she died around six of scarlet fever; and commented “I remember when I was about five Mr..sent for my mother where me and my dad had to wait until Mr. was finished with her.”My reactions were, “why wouldn’t your dad do anything?” “Child the white men would have hung my dad, that’s the time my other white brother was born in our family.”
    Keisha, If for any reason I can help you with more info, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your article was compelling!!!

    • Thank you for reading the article I wrote in The Weekly Challenger entitled, “Secret Exposed”. I appreciate that you have taken the time to contact me and provide me with valuable feedback and encouragement. The response I have received thus far indicates that the article triggered and emotionally moved a number of people. I was in tears as I wrote it after learning of Mrs. McCollum’s life. I hoped that people unfamiliar with her story would research her more OR that it would instigate conversation which could have motivated individuals to research their own family’s history. As you indicate, her life is a part of history that is rarely discussed.
      I will certainly keep your offer in mind as I continue to write on issues impacting women…and again, THANK YOU for your email. I truly appreciate it.

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