Christian and Socially-Conscious…One Woman's Expression

Silent, Yes Truth

Truth will silence a crowd, won’t it!


They were unable to trap him in what he had said there in public.  And astonished by his answer, they became silent.  —Luke 20:26

Have you ever been in the midst of gossip and corrected a story?  Did everyone just kind of stare at you like you had spoiled the party?  Isn’t it funny how fast truth can change the topic of conversation?

Truth can be a funny fact.  People are quick to say they want it, but many are made uneasy when faced with it.  Why?  Should Truth not bring comfort?  Should it not bring clarity and knowledge?  Of course!  Truth is the objective Light to lie’s darkness.  Sadly, however, so many have grown accustomed to working in darkness that when Light shines they become apathetic.


Have you asked yourself, “What is my truth?  What do I really believe and why?”  Are you open to the possibility that your truth may not be the Truth?  Are you committed to the process for discovering the Truth then having it live within you?  Do you want to give more than lip service to your beliefs?  Do you want your words and actions to unify?  Is this reflection of yourself important to you?

This is what I know:  Truth is Truth not matter if the majority believes in it or not.  People will try to trap Truth.  They will try to diminish, devalue, discredit, and destroy it.  If Truth is what you seek, then be prepared to grow strong.  YES, you will be tested.  Your journey will not always be easy, but if Truth is what you seek it will be worth it.  The respect it demands by its very presence will unnerve foundations not secure.  It walks in Light and Love, capturing both wanted and unwanted attention.  So YES, Truth will silence a crowd, but note: Silence is needed so more people can hear.

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