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Light Within

Have you ever gone through a really tough time and only a few loved ones plus God knew it?  I am talking about a time that is so tough that you knew that within your own strength you were defeated, but God!  I am talking about a time so tough that your peace confused the enemy!  I am talking about a time so tough that you truly learned to remove your self from the equation and watch God bring resolve!

By being taken aback, you observed how He provided all your needs the day before; You rested assured that your needs were being met in your current state, and via that awareness your were convinced that He had tomorrow covered!

Have you ever been through the kind-of “tough time” that through your tribulations you were still a constant blessing to others, as a result of God’s constant blessings toward you?  Have you been here—in this place where you grew in understanding God’s love—through His grace, His mercy, His kindness, His voice?  During your struggles, you understood that you were not alone; you were not forgotten.  You knew, God was bringing you through.  He had your complete attention.  You began to thank Him for the big and small things.  You found yourself thanking Him for everything!  In hindsight, what did you learn?  This is my reflection.

“No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed.  Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. —Luke 8:16

Woman Standing On Rock

A picture comes to mind:  Light in darkness.  Do you possess Light within?  I do.  I know it.  Finally, I know it  (Praise Him!)

Possessing Light is power.  This power has responsibility.  Once I understood this, my perspective enlarged.  Yes, I beamed brighter. …….I beam brighter!

Seek opportunities to shine as God would have you to do.  Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ want to see you radiate His Light, just as you celebrate seeing His Light in them.  We are One.  And note, unbelievers will pay attention to your “rays” too.  Do not be surprised.  Be aligned with God!

When I truly embraced my spiritual gifts and talents, combined with when I surrendered to grow in God’s truth, I understood that I have a duty to shine with purpose.  My light—His Light—helps others.  This Light within is bigger than my body in which it lives.  It is bigger than me.  Can you relate?

Dismiss those thoughts which keep you “small”.  Change your life experience.  You were created to be great!  BE GREAT!  Our God is a BIG GOD who specializes in doing BIG THINGS!  Do not be surprised.  BE EXPECTANT!

If you know that within you lives His Light, then you better let it SHINE BRIGHTLY!  Do not let low self-esteem or peer pressure restrict your radiance.  The Light within you is BIGGER than YOU!  It is within you for a purpose.  LIVE PURPOSEFUL!  His Light will touch lives you will know and may never know.  God knows, however.  He always does.

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2 thoughts on “Light Within

  1. Desiray on said:

    This post is a blessing as I was reading it I had several memories of just what you was sharing in your posting. And what I have learned through those moments was that I had to just wait on the Lord and it was hard because everything within me wanted to do something about it. But the Lord gave me strength to keep my hands out of the pot; if you know what I mean. And now when I have those moments I reflect back and I see the hand of God still working in my behalf.

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