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One Step, Two Steps Forward and Back

Shootings……in churches………

One step forward?  Two steps back.

Hatred……of what?????

…..a difference in skin color……..a variation in culture…….a deviation in faith…..WHAT is it that has morphed the innocence of a baby’s soul into the walking dead?

Is it fear of a loss of a perceived privilege?  Can you not look at a stranger and see commonality?  Or maybe you can, but pride stops you from admitting to yourself your hatred of yourself.

Granted, love seems to escape many.


Why does LOVE escape you?  Do you not trust it?  Have you not felt it?  Can you not conceptualize it?

Faith.  God.  Fellowship.

What do you serve

Self.  Money.  Prestige.


One step forward.

Two steps back?





Woman Praying

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2 thoughts on “One Step, Two Steps Forward and Back

  1. It’s very sad indeed.

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