Christian and Socially-Conscious…One Woman's Expression

The Question

Lately, a question seems to be following me.  At first it came by way of a couple of friends via “friendly” conversation.  Then, it presented itself through people who I had not developed a close relationship with, but who see my potential.  Next, the question arrived through other friends, but these friends were not shy about the importance of the topic.

After a while, I began to wonder if this question was one God wanted me to reconsider at this time.  Why else would various people—people who do not know each other, some of which I had not seen in years, some of which I have no real association with, some I love to pieces and I know love me—all feel the need to bring this concern to my attention?  Everything has its season.  Could it be that there is special significance for me to ponder this now?

Yesterday, an older woman saw me at an event.  She looked familiar, but I do not know her name.  After confirming my identity she sincerely asked, “So, are you doing anything anymore in ‘the community’?”  My initial reaction of laughter was met by her stone, yet soft face.  She was serious.  There it was again, the question.

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.  Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.  —Matthew 10:16

By now, I had begun thinking diligently about my answer.  In doing so, I had reviewed lessons I learned from giving to the community in times past.  There have been many lessons.

Woman Praying

When you have a real heart for people, there are sacrifices you experience that can be damaging if you are not sagacious.  You can lose your balance in the whirlwinds of this broken world and become just like the very thing you at first set out to fight against.  You can become bitter and wounded, untrustworthy and untrusting, conniving and ego-driven…and no one will actually care because this is how you are expected to be.  You are expected to be devious.  After all, what good (wo)man innocently does good works?  As we build our #Empire, aren’t we all #Scandalous?  If we try to be anything different, we are then perceived to be foreign and unrecognizable.  Unfortunately, even many of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ seem delayed in seeing us as Family and our good works as believable.

During my plea to God for understanding, I received a message which clarified within me the importance of my particular involvement in matters of community concern.  That was a huge primary step for me.  I am thankful that God has given me options.  I am grateful He has given me time to refocus and regain centeredness.  His emphasis on wanting me to contemplate this question was evident by the number of vessels He sent to me.  As I continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance, I do so with greater denotation for maintaining a balance between wisdom and vulnerability to accomplish His work.  I do so fully aware that I am not the Savior.  I am simply a Christian woman trying to live in accordance with my beliefs and do the work God has assigned me.  Some of us have jobs in the sanctuary.  Others of us have jobs in the world.  What about you?

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