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Idol Worship

The time has come for me to again search for a place to worship. I began to feel this way a few months ago, but have been hesitant because…well…. Two months ago, I asked a fellow Christian to pray with me about finding a Bible Study class to attend. She said she would pray that I find a church to attend to which I repeated, “A Bible Study class”. To this day, I am not sure if her words were a message from God or if she simply ignored my request. Oh well.

Woman Praying

Shortly after, I began to get invites to visit different church activities. I attended them with an open spirit as I had only an idea of the type of environment for which I was searching. Those who know me know that I cannot sit under anybody’s Christian teaching simply because they identify themselves as a pastor. I am not looking for an idol to worship. My ears are sensitive. I am particular.

The idols speak deceit,
diviners see visions that lie;
they tell dreams that are false,
they give comfort in vain.
Therefore the people wander like sheep
oppressed for lack of a shepherd.
—Zechariah 10:2

As I enter into the new year, I do so with a greater awareness to what I give my attention. There is a cultural message that such things like money, power, fame, and success bring us security and happiness. Often in churches, many attendees consciously or subconsciously add pastors and church buildings to their lists. Trusting God and His promise for my future is where my happiness and security are found. I can see His works in my life. The beauty of this is, I am just now awakening to a deeper level of recognition. It brings great joy. This recognition, however, is a motivator in my search for a place to worship regularly. ….My God answers prayers. (Oh yeah, I may have found a place.)

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