Christian and Socially-Conscious…One Woman's Expression

A Small Request

It seems like such a small request doesn’t it?

He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.
–Micah 6:8

Yet, many who profess Christianity struggle with this three-part request. Let’s be honest. We all have struggled with all three parts at one time or another right? “Being Christian” does not mean that all of a sudden, we:
are fair,
have compassion to those in need,
and lay down our pride and surrender to our God. Many come to God at one time or another hurt and wounded. They have been mistreated and devalued. Insecurities and defensive mechanisms develop. People have to heal. In doing so, they are asking a God they cannot see to heal them, and trust Him to do so. Does this sound familiar?

Woman Praying

Many people think such growth is automatic. For many of us who are trying to have an authentic faith-based relationship with God, we know that it takes growth and growth takes time. We must have an attitude of commitment, and be committed to that attitude. Right when we think we have mastered these things, something will happen to test us. You see, it is easy to be fair to those we love; to show compassion to needy people who have not done anything to us; and to surrender to the Lord when our backs are against a wall, BUT:
are we acting justly to people on our jobs, to people we have disagreements with, and to people who annoy us;
do we love mercy when we are not the ones asking for it—do we love it when we are wronged and we are in a position to help the person who wronged us because they are now in need;
are we walking humbly with our God—are we regularly allotting time to grow in relationship with Him and in turn are we growing in love and humility, or are we growing in self-centeredness and arrogance because the god we really serve is founded on pride?

This three-part request seems simple. It gets easier and becomes natural once you truly surrender to God. He has shown us the benefits of surrendering. He has told us of His promises. He has shown us His miracles, His blessings, and His power. We know He is real, don’t we? Don’t you?

It’s a small request. Can you handle it?

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