Christian and Socially-Conscious…One Woman's Expression


To succeed in a dog eat dog world, do you have to be a dog…or as some have said, a bitch? Advancing in a male-dominated profession, in a male-dominated world cultivates certain characteristic traits that oftentimes are rewarded when presented from a male’s shell. Things like maintaining high standards of performance, asserting confidence, understanding that time is important, being extensively knowledgeable and prepared are all welcomed from him. The same is not always true when housed in those of us who are females. Why is this? Are these traits appreciated or is it the male’s body from which they appear that routinely garners the applause?

Long ago are the days when the dreams of girls were limited to that of marry and motherhood. We believed you when you said, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” We believed you, at least some of us did, and so our journey began.


So when we show up as entrepreneurs, attorneys, judges, physicians, chief executive officers, department heads, accountants, presidents, police officers, fire fighters, architectures, athletes, etc.—the title of which we hold should not be disrespected because of the duplication of our sex chromosome. Whispers should not be uttered by other women when our tone takes a serious turn to emphasize the importance of a point. When she has a professional aura in a professional setting, it should not equate to her snobbery, rudeness, or standoffishness when she is simply doing her job. Instead, support her. If she succeeds, chances are your promotional possibilities increase. True…if she barks, she may bite. Still…don’t call her bitch. She is BOSS.

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